Womb healing with 13th Munay Ki rite ceremony

 154,00 inc. BTW

During this session we will go deeper into the uterus. Chantal will empathize with you on your uterus and look for the cause of trauma, dark areas and where healing may take place. This uterine healing is very nice for all women.
Do you want to receive healing in your womb because you:
– have a desire to have children and ‘want to become cleaner’ and thus want to give your child a nice growth environment.
– have had a child and feel that trauma is present
– have experienced a miscarriage or abortion
– feels that you need this and may have no idea why….

During this combination session we will first ask questions about your relationship to your uterus, what you have experienced for events that could have caused trauma and we will look and feel in a loving energetic way how we can bring healing.
The second part of the session we take you on a journey to the womb itself through a meditation and we conclude with an initiation of the Munay Ki. The 13th rite of this Munay Ki is very soft, full of love and a gift for yourself.

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