What is your biggest wish in this life? How would you like to experience your life? Who would you like to be? What limiting thoughts get in your way and where do you go, if you are free of them? What unconscious blockages are getting in the way of you physically, emotionally, spiritually, sexually and how free could you be without those barriers? How can you live your highest potential?

Where can we help you want to help?

Our field of work is so diverse that we can safely say that anyone who is open to it can benefit from our energy work. A personal approach, parents with a request for help for their child, couples who can use help in their relationship, suffering from nasty energy in the house, desired contact with a deceased loved one … really everything comes to us.

In the regular circuit, many do not get any structurally further, because emotional, mental or physical pieces are looked at. But rarely is it looked at whether those recurring challenges do not have an underlying energetic / spiritual cause.

Do you linger in worrying? Have you been suffering from recurring thought patterns for ages? Do you not dare to trust your feelings, or do you hardly feel because your head is so active that you do not feel?

You are not alone! First, we have been taught that being smart and being able to think well is the way to become successful and understand life. So we have come to rely entirely on our heads. Only controlled by your ego or possibly even factors outside yourself, our head all too often does not give pure information. The big decisions of life or the smallest trifles can keep many people endlessly occupied and sometimes even plunge them into dull misery for years.

Fear, anger, sadness, anger, guilt, but also allowing happiness and love. Everyone struggles with it in their time. But if it’s gripping your life for a long time, it’s
high time for action.
Sometimes a psychologist or good coach can offer a solution, but regularly strong recurring emotions connect to karma, inherited family heirlooms or trauma from other lives.
Deep fear, big triggers like injustice, or endless sadness, often really present themselves to be picked up by you and cleaned up forever. Dependency in relationships is also often linked to this. Time to clean up?

Pressure on your chest, shortness of breath / high breathing, stone in your stomach, tension on your diaphragm, pinched throat, an empty belly, nervousness, low libido, … There are many ways in which your body can let you know that something is not flowing well in your system. And even obvious physical complaints such as back pain, not moving joints smoothly, nerve pain, poor blood flow can possibly be reduced or eliminated by our treatments. (Don’t let this be a substitute for a checkup or treatment by regular doctors.)
We can work on blockages that do not allow the energy to flow smoothly and we activate the self-healing capacity that the body naturally already has, but that in the present time is often forgotten by the body. A lot of long-term physical discomfort turns out to be linked to deep systems (of, for example, fear, self-rejection or trauma from other lives).

If you’ve come this far with reading, you’re definitely on earth with a mission right now. Large groups of sensitive souls have chosen to inhabit a physical body on earth at this time. At a rapid pace, the frequency of mother earth and her inhabitants is currently being increased to create a completely different world. And you are undoubtedly one of them.

And with the necessary unpleasant experiences from other lives, karma from ancestral lines, sensitivity to everything and everyone around us and soul contracts about what kind of deep mud you come here to clean up, it is far from easy for many !wise old curious souls”. All this often affects all the aspects described above. Physical pains and deep emotional and mental pieces are regularity rather than the exception. This is our training. We are learning how to break ourselves free from this, so that we can help others with it afterwards.

With a strong connection to your origins, it’s even more complicated to make something of this crazy world. Many really do not understand what they are doing here, may even prefer to get out of here. And we have work to do; bringing in, anchoring and spreading love and light in large quantities, just like we do at Miracle Life.

By remembering where you come from and what you came here to do, very often large puzzle pieces suddenly fall into place. Coming home to yourself. Suddenly you no longer have to leave to look for something of yourself and there is a deep knowing that you are coming here to bring it into this madness. Let us help you come home to your essence.

With specific issues, such as family karma, unexplained fears or other emotions, suffering from strong mood swings, recurring thought loops, suspicion of dark energy or entities, family karma and cursing, or a deep desire to connect with home, we would like to invite you to a 1-on-1 session.

We also offer deeply transformative group healing and activations, such as the “Etheric Body Alignments” (Link to our events). In this we work with the same energy, light beings and resources. And with the guide teams of all attendees. And it is precisely this bundled energy of the group that makes for beautiful transformations. The latter certainly also applies to our live and online multidimensional trips. (Link to our events)
Are you looking for a way to live more honestly with yourself and your environment? And that in a way that connects you more deeply with the other person? Then “Connecting in Honesty” (Link to our events) is the workshop for you.

In addition, Chantal (and team) offers beautiful Womb Healings and Temple Nights specifically for the ladies. And Maarten (and team) offers with the “Miracle Men” beautiful meetings for men. All our loving events can be found here.

Our online training courses are still in full development. The basic training LOVING LIVING IN 30 DAYS will be made available in the coming weeks and will mainly focus on increasing your frequencies through cleaning, activating, breathing, connecting, daily spiritual exercises and powerful meditations.


Are you ready for a real transformation?

You can be the change in your own life, for your family, your work. And everything starts with a change in yourself. We are ready to help you with this change. So I step your magical life from clarity and authenticity. if you want to know what we can do specifically for you, send us a message and we will get in touch!