“By communicating with your child’s higher self, we may be able to gain insights, without your child having to be able to talk, know for himself what is bothering him/her, behind your adolescent’s masks, beyond the ego and confusion.”

Do you want to be able to be more energetically, frequently, emotionally present with your child? Do you want to know why your baby eats badly, or is anxious in certain places? Do you want to know why your toddler sleeps restlessly, why it sometimes seems as if your child is sometimes taken over? Who is standing in the corner of the room, where your child is always smiling or frightened after eye contact? What can you do to energetically clean your children?
By communicating with your child’s higher self, we may be able to gain insights, without your child having to be able to talk, know for himself what is bothering him / her, behind the masks of your adolescent, beyond the ego and confusion. And we can provide practical tools to deal with this knowledge.

What can we take you with help?

Every child has the capacity to experience in other fields of consciousness for the first few years of life. Souls of the deceased, souls of brothers or sisters who still want to come, dimensions of dragons, elves, unicorns… it is often classified as fantasy. If the experience is positive at least. In the case of an anxious experience, the child’s experience, as a solution to the fear, is often denied. This is a reason for a child to miss connecting with the parents, but also to doubt their own experiences and intuition. This can mean that a child starts to close himself off from the connection with source and his / her own higher self and multidimensionality at a young age.
We can help you translate the child’s experiences into understanding challenges by you as a parent. In addition, see what can be cleaned energetically or spiritually, so that your child grows happier on ka. We help you look outside the box, allowing your child to feel supported in their own intuition and perceptions.

In addition, children until their 7th year of life depend on the spiritual protection of the aura and the frequencies of you as a mother. Just as you help your two-year-old cross, it’s also up to you to protect and clean your child energetically. We are happy to help you become aware of this role and develop the necessary skills.

Every child suffers from undesirable behavior from time to time. Undesirable for the parents, but just as much for the children. A lot is attributed to being a child, but not everything belongs to your child himself. Sudden behavioral changes, such as anger attacks or from playing sweet to looking for a fight, often have an underlying cause. Transition days when the parents are no longer together, absorbed energy from school, TV programs that invariably cause arguments, but also entities that take over your child or old karmic traumas from other lives.
Through your child’s higher self, we can get information about this and help you to maintain a more harmonious atmosphere.

From the age of 7, your child comes more under the protection of the mother. That is not to say that it is immediately up to all forces. The role of the father is now becoming much more important. He is the one who takes the child outside by the hand to learn to walk his / her own path. So it is not about the path of the father, but about the direction that the soul of the child deeply wants to walk. It is therefore very important that the child knows who he is. In a society in which this age group is increasingly fixed in frameworks, many children get into trouble. Their natural talents are given little space, while the system tries to produce a uniform sausage.
We can help you and your child to remain rebel, to keep their soul connection and to recognize and let your own creativity flow. In addition, we can validate your child in their own unique gifts or spiritual experiences, making him/her dare to rely on intuition, guides or other resources.

There is a large group of young adults, who are struggling more and more in this society. 14 year olds who are overworked, adolescents who do not understand what they actually do at school, who have no perspective on a beautiful world, children… forced into ego and toughness by their environment almost obligatorily, while they are very sensitive and mainly act out of lack of their own soul connection. Who deep down know very well who they actually are, but do not see that reflected in their environment and therefore a way of searching, with which they stay upright. They deserve more than ‘staying afloat’. They deserve validation of their view of the world. They deserve perspective on a loving hopeful future. And insights that society consciously or unconsciously keeps away from them.
We can be there for you and your adolescent by giving them a different worldview. A world in which they themselves are creators of their own reality. In which they can dream and manifest their future. And we can help them recognize their soul connection and see who they really are again.

At the moment we only offer help for you and your child via 1-on-1 sessions (of course with partner and child, if desired), live or over distance.

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We do have plans to set up group or online sessions, which are related to this.
be. So feel free to let us know what your wishes are in this area and perhaps we can
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"With Maarten and Chantal we had a very nice session for our 8-month-old son who had been suffering from his belly since birth. Despite many sessions with the pediatrician, pediatric physio, osteopath and reflex therapy no improvements. With medication it somewhat under control. After the session something has really changed, he is happier and eats and drinks with great pleasure. Medication can taper off and really notice improvement. In addition to this positive change, they are also two super people who really take the time for you and listen."
— Daphne De Jong –

Are you ready for clarity for your child?

You can be the protection for your child and the change in dynamics between you, your partner and your child. But in this case, everything starts with insights into what is going on. We are ready to help you come to these insights. If you want to know what we can do specifically for you, send us a message and we will get in touch.