Meet your true self - Etheric Body Alignment Pt.1

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Meet your true self!

This workshops has your name on it if:
› you feel like you leave your own body when you worry
› you feel like you leave your own body when you feel emotions
› you think too much
› you are having trouble to stay present with your feelings in general
› you are having trouble communicating in a clear way
› you feel empty most of the time
› you have no awareness in your belly, when you often have cold feet and hands
› you want to improve your sexual energy
› you are looking for more connection with yourself and/ or partner

Nowadays, in this society, it’s so easy to focus on things outside of yourself. Everything is made to fulfill something that is missing inside, like; Social Media, commercials, Netflix… They all take the energy away from us….It is not that remarkable to say that most of us, are not really living in their own bodies. With their energy, with their thoughts and their emotions. Ask yourself the question; where does my energy go, or better, where am I when I am in an certain emotion or when I am worrying. Do you feel your body at that moment? Or did you leave your physical body? And when you are not ‘at home’, do you have the windows and doors wide open (with the risk of other energies entering) or do you lock it all (with barely any chance of true connecting)?

In every now moment, your body is your checkpoint, your way of knowing, if something is right or not. Are you passing boundaries, is something really true or not. Without that checkpoint, we pass our boundaries faster and we do that to ourselves. We work hard, we overstimulate ourselves, we get intimate really soon with someone and we compensate it alle by using alcohol, drugs, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram etc. They are all ways of numbing ourselves, so we don’t have to feel, so we don’t have to take care of ourselves. Nowadays that is a commonly known thing and people are starting to search within, to our true Self. But what happens when you don’t find your true Self? When all you see is emptiness? We, at Miracle Life, see this a lot with our clients and the reactions and outcomes are overwhelming when we let someone come home to their true Self.

What to expect?
› Short introduction
› Meditation, where Chantal and Maarten take you on a trip to meet your mental, emotional and energetic body and will align (and lock) them with your physical body.
› Short sharing and break
› Balancing, cleaning and reloading your chakra’s
› Activation of your 12 chakrasystem
› Meditation on your expanded energy field
› Short sharing
› Ending

Additional information:
› Our temple (online space) opens at 19.30 pm. 
› We start at 19.45 pm, so make sure you are on time.
› Make yourself comfortable. Part 1 is laying down, part 2 is sitting.
› We broadcast live, So make sure you have a fully charged device and a headset in a quiet space.


(Vrijdag) 19:30 - 22:00

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