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Masculine energy versus feminine energy

by Chantal van Ruler10 August 2022

Image: Maarten Huisman Photography Masculine energy and feminine energy I have been reading about this for years, learning from people...

Living in freedom or in a box

by Maarten Huisman7 June 2022

Yesterday was trigger day for me.... Pain from the past arose and an insight, of which I was not or...

Burnout and your nuclear power plant

by Maarten Huisman6 June 2022

You have a meltdown of your nuclear power plant. "Nuclear power plant? Why do I say nuclear power plant? I...

Being a woman

by Chantal van Ruler6 June 2022

Being a woman; what a different image I had there in the past than now. I used to find being...

Are you cursed?

by Maarten Huisman6 June 2022

Despite the fact that there is hardly any knowledge of cursing in the West, many Wise Curious Old Souls still...