“Whether you’ve been together for two or twenty years, as a couple, or a blended family with seven children, every relationship needs attention. Attention for each other, attention for each individual.”

Do you want to feel love flowing again? Energy through your body, real attention and connection? That a touch is (almost) electric, that a can is completely open. Seductive, longing, surprising, surprising? Or do you notice that there is a fight about nothing, that small frustrations remain between you? Do you live and share your truth with your partner, or do you keep your wishes or desires quiet to keep the sweet peace? Do you still share the same worldview, or has one person gone through a personal or spiritual development and thus changed, while the other has not felt the need for that self-examination? After that transformation, can you still find each other in energy, language, vision, choices?

Whether you have been together for two or twenty years, as a couple, or a composite family with seven children, every relationship needs attention. Attention to the irritations, attention to the wishes and desires, attention to the appreciation and gratitude, attention to love and attention to sex. Attention to each other, attention to each individual.

And even if the rack is really out, the attention goes outside instead of to each other, it’s clearly time for a new shape, together or separately… even then it can be done with love and in connection. Which allows you to stay in a beautiful connection despite the pain. Your partner with whom you have learned so much, grown together, gone through many highs and lows, perhaps even shares children. In or out of the relationship, a new form… how beautiful it would be if that could always be done in connection and in love.

How can we do this for you? help?

In a private session for you and your partner, there is of course all the attention for your request for help. And often that request for help is only an expression of underlying challenges. Not communicating at the same frequency, old pain and triggers, back and forth judgments, fear of really opening or fear of longing and asking. We tune in to the energy, the underlying layer, see what your request for help is really about. In a two-hour session, we look at how we can expose this deeper layer, look at the pain of both and at the same time work on renewed deeper connection in looking at that pain. After such a session, you will go home with more insight and clarity so that you will recognize certain parts of your dynamics more quickly. In addition, you will receive tailored homework to feed the energy and connection between the two of you again.

If you are looking for a sustainable transformation in your relationship, then a specially composed trajectory for you is ideal for you. In a non-binding preliminary conversation we will explore together,

Every individual in a relationship benefits from personal growth and so does the relationship with it. That does not mean that it always becomes easier or more stable, but especially more emotionally mature.

A number of workshops that we offer are specific or additional disputes to visit together with your partner;

  • The workshop CONNECTING IN HONESTY is all about expressing everything that presents itself and fully embracing the emotional reactions that this evokes (in your body). This is a wonderful way to learn not to run away from fears, anger, sadness, rejection, desire, lust… Just everything that life offers us in terms of experiences.

    It’s scary, challenging, liberating, opening, healing… and deeply connecting. Many have the belief that being honest equals arguing, equals destroying, irreparable harm. The method we follow always gives us feedback and insights into our own pain, our own clumped old emotions. And by looking at and freeing, there is room for love. Much more love.

    That does not make this workshop specifically a proposal, but very suitable to follow together. And to include the insights and techniques provided in your daily communication.

  • The CONNECTED COUPLES workshop is of course one that we have put together entirely for proposals. Pieces from Connecting in Honesty will come back and we will spend a lot of time connecting, playing, feeling, touching, letting flow, longing, expressing, balancing male and female energy, giving, receiving.

    The entire workshop is dedicated to opening as many channels of connection with yourself and the other as possible.

    Can your relationship use a boost by sharing a day full of love and connection together? Or do you just really want to let everything flow old-fashioned again? Then we would like to see you at this workshop!

And despite all the hard work to keep finding each other, to keep feeding each other, to keep feeling, sometimes it’s just gone.

That the love or the passion has run out. Or that there is enough love, but that for whatever reason too much sadness has come between you. Or that you have finished learning together.

What then? Distribute things and leave? While you have built so many beautiful memories together, perhaps still have to share the care for your children together, you unconditionally chose each other in the beginning? Or maybe you never want to see your partner again, but there is still unresolved anger, resentment, something that really needs to be removed, because otherwise it will continue to eat at you …

Unfortunately, it is rarely the case that two beautiful people after a relationship, without a fight, pure and in love can each choose their own path.

Sadness and anger are part of a grieving process, but if you still hold on to anger and it pollutes your own energetic system or the way you break up or want/need to stay with each other, it may be time to say goodbye to that emotion guided by one of us. That emotion that stands in the way of love. And therefore for ‘letting go of your partner in love’. Forgiving the other person and forgiving yourself, for specific things, or for the fact that you didn’t make it together. The ‘cleaner’ you both are, the more unconditionally you can give the other his/her new life. Which does not mean that it should not hurt, that there should be no sadness … These are emotions that can coexist with love. And as they say; True love is also being able to let go of each other.

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Are you ready for a new step in your relationship?

To learn to fly together again, it’s important to really show yourself to your partner. And that’s scary, because it’s a test of your unconditionality. We are here for you, to take the step towards deep connection together. If you want to know what we can do specifically for you, send a message and we will contact you.