Burnout and your nuclear power plant

You have a meltdown of your nuclear power plant.

“Nuclear power plant? Why do I say nuclear power plant? I never use that metaphor!” I say out loud to the lady I have on the phone. I have just started a distance healing, with a beautiful bright lady. Circumstances have brought her somewhere in the twilight zone between overstrain and burnout.

She talks about the contact with her heart, which has almost disappeared, that she has lost herself. I talk about overstimulation, the fight/flight response that has been active in burnouts for far too long and I hear the word nuclear power plant coming out of my mouth. Okay! Game on! Because this is how we work and this is where the magic begins.

I follow the word nuclear power plant and ask aloud ‘What does a nuclear power plant do?’ My own answer is ‘nuclear fusion! No, wait! Nuclear fission… ohhh, is your core split?’ That’s how it often feels, my client agrees. Okay, in itself logical, but what is your core? I ask the dowsing rods ‘is that the energetic body?’ No! “Is that your heart chakra?” No! “Is it your… ‘I wait to see what I hear coming in and through the phone I hear ‘Is it my Hara?’ Your Hara? I think I’ve heard the word once, but I don’t know what it is. ‘Hara is the Japanese name for Dan Tien, your abdominal cavity, your centre, my client explains.’ The dowsing rods answer that indeed the Hara is split. And as so often, I have no idea what it is, what the result is or what needs to be done. In this life, that is. My higher self has already done this 1000 times of course and I trust that blindly.

I’ll wait and see… suddenly I hear myself wondering about a hereditary ban curse. To my client and to the dowsing rods. Recognition with the customer and a clear yes of the dowsing rods. We can tilt it, but not in the hour that is booked. At least, cleaning up both fathers and mothers’ ancestor line, so that the whole system is cleaned, that takes time. One aspect of this curse (wearing this curse means, among other things, that your guardian angel field does not protect against misfortune, but against luck) can be solved quickly. But the misfortune of the entire bloodline from which the curse originated then continues to push. The dowsing rods give clarity. Solve the inheritance ban curse of the customer himself, later dive into the ancestor lines and then back to the nuclear fission.

I tell about the tilted guardian angel field. I see it a certain way and she sees it differently. Just as everything we experience is a translation of energy that is perceived and converted into a certain image, word, sound, color or whatever in our brain (I think). What I experience is not necessarily what the other person experiences. Not in this work, but also not in our earthly reality.

My client can watch beautifully and in turn takes me along in her perception. Every process is collaboration and I enjoy it so much! She sees this field as a circle around her head. We puzzle around a bit, how the settings of this energy field can be tilted back and the question arises: does the guardian angel field belong around her head? So no. Around her heart? No… Of course. Should it be around her Hara? That turns out to be true and when we move it it does not turn around like a steering wheel, it does not flip like a pancake, but it turns inside out. Brilliant! I had never seen it like that before. What magical work this is!

And immediately after the reversal of this field, a red light goes on in her Hara. Her fire is lit again! Wow! How fantastic. From this fire, I see an inverted funnel, an upside-down tornado, pushing the energy of the fire up to her heart. Her heart also lights up. Holy moly, so her heart is nourished from her Hara. And I don’t think only with her. What a discovery again. A wonderful energy flows through my calves and comes up through my neck.

But wait. The funnel continues and from the heart another tornado rises. I feel my crown chakra open wonderfully and… follow the contours of the tornado upwards. The lines bend and go all the way down to connect with the upside down tornado. Oh… we were apparently working on the torus field, the electromagnetic field that radiates out from the heart. Have we restored the torus field? Is our torus field our nuclear power plant? So yes! Has it had an effect? Yes! Immediately my client felt her energy increase, connection with her heart… wow! What magic again.

We walk past some chakras because some is still blocking and after we have paid attention to that we close. What an insanely cool session again! This is why our company is called Miracle Life. And why we can transform so much in an absurdly short time. No book knowledge, no training, no protocols and methods. Source, the universe, guides, our star team… be a direct line and an open channel. That’s it! And that’s life. Our lives. The life. Let through what we may not understand in the moment, but what wants to be seen, felt, heard. As experience, without judgment.

This session was yesterday and today I checked in with her. She has slept very well for the first time in ages, she is really comfortable in her energy today. Also with triggers in her relationship this morning, she could easily raise her energy back to a nice level and she felt clear and had even more awareness of what was costing and yielding her energy. And, not unimportantly, she had enjoyed the process.

I share this purely to take you on a journey at Miracle Life. This is a wonderful example of how we puzzle, let everything come through us and look at every possible puzzle piece from all sides, to see if it fits into something. Everything is light code; what the customer tells, what we hear inside, but also unconsciously pronounce, the text on a truck that drives by, a bird that shows itself. If it attracts attention, we consider what it can tell us. And what we hear in it is not true or truth. The puzzle is not waterproof or even logical. We get a certain stream of information and we believe that the universe lets us know exactly what we need to achieve the desired result. Whether each piece of the puzzle is exactly right or not. And very often we find out at such moments that we have found something that could help a lot of people. Which does not mean that we have to help them with it. Perhaps the higher goal is that someone else first goes through all kinds of processes.

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