Being a woman

Being a woman; what a different image I had there in the past than now. I used to find being a woman complicated; hormones, being ‘on your period’, performing slightly less than men in sports. Also pursue social expectations; be attractive to others, eyelashes, nails etc.

Now I have gotten a completely different picture in recent years. By paying attention to myself, dancing with my body, playing, enjoying and with my body, reducing the pressure on performance, I have come closer to myself than ever.

I play with the elements, honor my fire šŸ”„ by expressing my anger, feeling my temperament flowing through my body…

I play with the wateršŸ’¦, by swimming, drinking clear water and connecting with my water elements (such as the uterus)

I honor the earth, by walking barefoot a lot, to groundšŸŒ³ when I want to fly away from anything…. and the air, by breathing, deep into my belly.

Being a woman is so much more than beautiful hairs and looks. For me, it’s playing with the infinite wisdom of our bodies, playing with our femininity, sensuality, sexuality and flow….

In the autumn I start the 13-moon trajectory together with 2 beautiful ladies. If you want to know more now, dm me… I will give more info about this every time in the coming period…

Love to you

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