Can you really be happy?

Despite the fact that there is hardly any knowledge of cursing in the West, many Wise Curious Old Souls still walk around with an inherited curse. which basically comes down to “You should never be really happy”.

Every human being is given a guardian angel at birth. The task of such a guardian angel is to limit / prevent misery. By uttering a curse, such a protector may have been tilted into a ‘plague spirit’. Instead of preventing misery, he always causes new challenges. In our Western world, you don’t expect curses, but they can be passed down from the ancestral line. Don’t let anything talk to you. If you’re reading this, it’s probably not for nothing. But above all, feel for yourself whether this applies to you.

Do you recognize yourself in this?

  • Regularly almost happy, but that it suddenly is against again,
  • A long search through all kinds of coaches, aid agencies, alternative healers, but nothing really helps sustainably,
  • Feeling different all your life, not understanding why the world works the way it does, when it works,
  • Feeling like you’re the one who has to keep the family together and at the same time be the separate dissenter in the family,
  • Poor sleep, waking up tired,
  • In groups quickly become very tired. be wide open to the energy of the group,
  • Be highly sensitive to an atmosphere in a room,
  • Feeling like you have something to do on earth, but not knowing what or how,
  • The feeling that you have to work hard for everything, but that the success always does not fall your way,
  • Very much wanting something, but not getting to it, because you also have to do everything,
  • Always ‘on’, difficult to relax,
  • Experiencing deep fear,
  • Excessive compulsion to have control,
  • Deep fatigue, despondency, depression, burnout,
  • Excessive sense of responsibility. The feeling that you carry the burden of the world on your shoulders,
  • Crying, crying and crying again, while your bucket of tears does not seem to empty.

Where in the west hardly any curses are pronounced, curses are still common in South America and Asia. How do you get a curse here in the west? Somewhere from your ancestral line. About 200 to 300 years ago, swearing was regularly pronounced about people who wanted to be together, but who were of different religious backgrounds. If they did choose their love, they were banished from the church, the city/village, from the family and it was said that they and their offspring should never be happy again. With this, the guardian angels were manipulated and tilted and instead of protectors against them, they became the cause of misery… to ensure that happiness would never be sustainable for these people. And the same was true of their offspring. Hence the name Erf-ban-vloek; an inherited curse that has to do with being banished.

A certain percentage of highly sensitive people have received this inheritance ban curse (also called spiritual blockage) from their ancestor line. It is an inheritance that you would rather not receive at first sight. However, you are only a carrier of this burden if you are a powerful healer yourself, whether you already know it or not. And being a healer can be done in many different ways. It can be as a therapist or coach, but also as a musician, artist, teacher… Usually it is at least clear that you have something to do in this world and that you want to help people. In any way. All the process work, the deep pain pieces and clean-up work… that’s all preparation. To do your final work.

If you walk around with such a blockage, when you read this post (or even hear the name hereditary ban curse), there is probably a deep knowing right away. A deep knowing that it’s about you. And the good news is that it can be solved. For you, for your ancestors and your offspring. And the reason you feel so much responsibility and was probably the blue helmet in the family, trying to keep everything together, is indeed that you are a family responsible. You get to fix this.

In a wonderful ancestral journey, we can go and see what energy you have received from your ancestors, what they still have to tell you, we are going to use dragon energy to tilt the curse back, send love and forgiveness through the whole field and release the souls to finally go to the light.

You can go to Chantal or Maarten for this and the trip is actually always incredibly magical!

We are happy to help you!

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