Chantal & Maarten

Just a work coach and just any photographer. Both sensitive, both have been working on self-development for some time. Some meditation, follow beautiful workshops, connect with others and nature, slowly coming home to ourselves. Not necessarily woolly, but willingness to question the presented reality, to look with new eyes and to investigate the synchronicity of life and to follow the directions...

... and then we met. From the first time really connecting, the special experiences flew around our ears. Multidimensional travel, contact with beings and all kinds of visitors, downloads, instructions, insights. A huge mountain of confusing information, which is confirmed by google from A to Z.

We jokingly called ourselves “Team two f%*cking weirdos” for a reason. and often answer our adventures with a simple “sure! It’s just possible!” With our heads we often understood little of it. And at the same time we felt that what we experienced was right. Usually followed by a bright “aha moment”. Connecting the dots…

When new insights, images, received messages, often combined with knowledge from workshops or information from the internet, suddenly fall together like puzzle pieces. This gives us a pretty clear picture of our collective and individual contributions to the clean-up process of others and the world. Each with our own strengths, which together only reinforce each other.

Chantal van Ruler

No-nonsense and straight forward. Chantal puts you to work during her sessions and likes to take you to other lives, family lines, events, blocking energies, traumas, so that you can face and solve them yourself. Her power is to let you experience for yourself so that some aspects in your life do not flow and to let you discover your insights for yourself.

A strong feeling of not coming from here’, that’s what I’ve felt since I was a little lady. For years I have felt and seen more than what can be seen with the naked eye. In my youth I have been in contact with my personal guide a lot, I have had experiences with deceased souls and also seen and felt the less pleasant sides of being sensitive. This has been the reason to close myself off from it. In my younger years I did not know how to deal with this, how not to be afraid of it and only my older wife with her bun (my guide) was present in the background.

Until the moment came that I came into contact with someone who told me how sensitive I was and how much strength and energy was mainly in my hands. She indicated that I would have to make this my work someday….. That once has come for a while now.

Going to ‘work’ with people in groups with a certain theme is something magical for me. The energy of a group of people together is so reinforcing and enlightening. I also find the individual sessions wonderful. The growth I see, the transformation in someone who has been works for days and sometimes months. I am a grateful person here on earth and beyond….

In a short conversation on the couch we get to know each other and exchange information about what is needed at that moment. Here you can also indicate whether you would like to work on certain things or you ask for help. As soon as you lie down on the table, you can relax and together we provide a comfortable, safe setting.

When I touch you, I feel the energy and I often get to ‘see’ or feel what can be seen at that moment. I get this information from your higher self. During the treatments, it often quickly becomes clear who or what causes blockages, how we can alleviate or remedy these blockages and you decide whether you want to watch and how far you want to dive into them. You are in control of this.

Often I can take you on a journey, to other lives to see where trauma has arisen that you cannot interpret in this life. We can usually soften these wounds or make them disappear.

After the table session it often happens that I challenge you in different settings by putting you in front of a mirror, saying certain words or letting you move. All this is done in trust towards each other and to feel what is coming up.

Before you leave, you will always receive a challenge, assignment or question to continue at home and to integrate what has emerged during a session.

Working with people was early on; from sports teacher with a passion for winter and water sports in the Netherlands and abroad, to coaching people in various areas.

Now I feel very strongly that my soul mission lies in the field of self-development, spirituality and everything that has to do with feeling. That is why I did reiki 1 and 2, magnetizing, later dragon reiki and I have done a lot of self-development with other beautiful healing people (hands). In addition, I am involved in tantra, multidimensionality, soul retrieval, I work with dowsers (yes, I am also a witch) and I often meditate or guide myself.

What I often encounter in my sessions with women is trauma in the pelvic area, the yoni and uterus, sometimes personal and often a piece of collective trauma. I do not shy away from any subject and there is always the most important thing in a treatment.

Martin Huisman

Tune. That is what Maarten has done all his life. If he tunes into your body language in a session, your changes in energy, there is no escape to avoid your pain pieces. And with full presence, it provides a wonderful safe space to face and feel these pieces. His energy work is not much different. Keen on the details, Maarten connects every piece of information, creating a total picture and he can get you to the place where you can choose whether you dare to make the breakthrough.

“After years of study in the field of mental and emotional support (read; after years of burnout in – burnout out and almost all possible forms of coaching and therapy), the course is now drastically changed. The real feeling of the spiritual insight, that everything is always exactly, as it should be – no matter how rotten or beautiful it feels at that moment – opened all kinds of doors fairly suddenly. Within a few months I started to see, hear and feel things that were hidden from me before. Suddenly learned I felt about distance, whether I wanted it or not, I received all kinds of information about people. In that period, the ‘coincidences’ began to pile up in such a magical way that, in my opinion, there really could be no question of coincidence anymore. Synchronicity unceremoniously steered me into a whole new way of life. I learned to work with energy and supported my intuitive gifts with the necessary courses.

I combine these insights and gifts with a huge toolbox, which I have left over from my own years of challenges. What seemed like a mountain of misery at the time, turns out to be now my university.

I myself experience the transition from photographer, trainer and surfer, to energetic healer as something magical. If you had asked me in mid-2019 if I would ever do any of this work, I would have you certainly declared crazy. Let alone that I had believed that I had opened a healing practice at the beginning of 2020. And that is exactly the miracle that I have come to recognize in life. Welcome to my Miracle Life!

A session with Maarten generally starts in always in conversation, scanning what is most urgent at that moment. In conversation with your physical presence and your higher self, it automatically becomes clear what the next step is. Maarten often relies on his dowsing rods when choosing next steps.

The conversation on the couch can be continued, for example to feel emotional blockages and to learn techniques with which you can feel and deal with your own pain in depth. Here we mainly work on conscious and unconscious emotional pieces and (mental) obstructive thoughts. This may not seem like much to do with energy work, but don’t underestimate how important it is to address the blockages of stuck emotion and an overactive head.

It is also possible that we will soon move to the table, where, surrounded by crystals tailored to the session, you can work together on whatever presents itself. With empathy with your energy, Maarten often experiences your physical discomforts and energetic blockages in his own body and he knows where it does not flow and what needs attention. In conversation with you and your higher self, Maarten can take you on a journey through yourself, this life and other lives and dimensions.

Sometimes it is important that your physical body can move intuitively and follow what is needed. In such a case, the session moves to the rug and together deep healing work is done by activating your own multidimensionality and introducing you to all your aspects that you may see at that moment.

As a teacher and trainer, Maarten has been on the road with groups in the mountains and on the water for years. He loves to work with groups.

In his burnout time he has worked on himself with various coaches, with NLP, systemic work, haptonomy, nucleus therapy, yoga, meditation, Kundalini yoga, shamanism, plant medicines, tantra and Radical Honesty. He has immersed himself extensively in non-duality and multidimensionality and is now allowed to connect with all kinds of beautiful and strong multidimensional fields and energy.

All these experiences give a well-stocked toolbox of skills and insights, along with the opened energetic channels, I can work on many levels. Emotionally, mentally, energetically and spiritually you have come to the right place with Maarten.

No request for help is too crazy and you are welcome with everything with us. A number of challenges are more common than others:

  • Coming home and being present IN your body
  • … by aligning your etheric (subtle) bodies
  • Repairing torn etheric bodies (due to severe trauma, for example)
  • Bringing soul home in the body
  • Overturning hereditary ban curse or spiritual blockage
  • Tension / blockages on solar plexus (diaphragm) and / or heart soften
  • Deepen breathing
  • Tackling empty cold belly (often in combination with disturbed sexuality)
  • Delete entities
  • Addressing limiting fears
  • Releasing stuck emotions
  • Missing “home” (and then it’s not about your home on earth)